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Weird Render Artifact

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I am noticing that if I move the camera around, I get a glitch of what looks like a "scanline" or some sort of line that makes the meshs look like there is a horizontal disturbance on them...  I am using chrome, and have not had a chance to test it back at my house to see if another client causes the same effect. 

Can someone check if they are having the same glitch happen and if so I need to figure out what could be the cause.

EDIT ** I'm actually noticing it now on other scenes odd I wish I could do a screen capture here at work so I could demonstrate.

I just got to try it at home and it looks like it was localized to the other computer.   but I do wonder if anyone else sees what I'm talking about because it is odd.  I'm thinking it is a hardware problem now though. And not bjs.

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