The mesh lost it's skeleton when exporting from blender to babylon

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Hi all,
I have a problem when I try to export a model that I downloaded from the web, using blender to babylon exporter as the model seems to lose it's skeleton, I don't know the correct term for that so I'm sorry but it seems like it just puts the texture on it, the animation is working but I don't know what did happen when I tried to export it to babylon, Also I don't know anything in blender except the process of exporting the model into babylon so any guide or help would be very much appreciated.

I attached the model before and after exporting it in blender and when I used it in babylon.

Thanks in advance :)




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Are saying the skeleton is not exported?  If so, post export log file. 

If you are say the exporter changed your .blend, I do not know, but the 2012 copyright license on your pictures is not encouraging.  That means this was made with a very old version of Blender.  Not sure pictures are definitive.  You should see an armature constraint on the constraints property page of the mesh(es) which have the skeleton for a .blend created with 2.78.

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Hi JCPalmer,

Thanks for your reply, If I understand you correctly I don't intend or mean to violate the copyrights of the model I'm just using it for training purposes, and I'm not intending to release any free or commercial products with it, however the credit goes  to https://wyvern.log/users/clint-bellanger and Justin Nichol for creating it.

I don't know the correct term of what has exactly happened  as I'm newbie to blender and I don't know that much about 3D models and graphics, So I don't really know if the exporter changed the model or what. I also updated blender to the current release and the problem is still present.

I saw at the constraint property page and it has constraint for the armature.

I attached the log file 


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My only concern was the year was 2012.  Old .blends from people other than the poster, from places like BlendSwap, can try to do things which do not translate well to WebGL / BJS.

Your log file does show a skeleton exported along with several actions, and that skeleton is associated with a mesh. Looks like it worked.  If things looked different in Blender after export, just do not re-save the .blend.

For people just grabbing something off the web, loading Blender for the first time & exporting, it is a valid thing to test what you can really do without great investment.  The result is usually, unless things go perfectly, you are in way over your head hanging on for dear life.  You are following others who have tried as well.  Like you, they also picked exotic creatures with unusual skeletons.  Lunch is rarely free.

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@mak11 : Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Sorry for the slow response - I've been on vacation which will continue for a week or more. (Busy time of the year for me - friends and family reunions/gatherings :) )

Anyway, I took a look at your wyvern file  which I got from OpenGameArt.Org (I hope that is the file you are using.)

The issue seems to be one of the animations - "SpotAction". When I load it in the Action Editor I get the mess that is in the image below. I have no idea what it is doing or trying to do ?? :unsure:

It has to be deleted. Here is the process I would use:

1. Create a blank empty file in Blender - just a light (I use a Hemi),  a camera looking down the Y-Axis and put the cursor at 0,0,0 (Shift C)

2. Now go File->Append-> and navigate to the file "wyvern.blend" on your computer and select it

3. Now, select Object->wyvern (not the wyvern Armature!) - and click the Append Button.

This will add the mesh, armature and one animation (in my case "Hover")

Now start adding more animations :

4. File->Append->Action->Fly

Repeat for all the animations EXCEPT the "SpotAction" !!

Now try exporting .

Take a look at the wyvern flying

One other thing you should note, in Blender turn on "backfaceculling" and the inside of the wings will disappear in the 3D window. The skin between the ribs of the wings are just one-sided so you will have to turn off back face culling with BJS. with code like this:

var theSkin = newScene.getMaterialByName("wyvern1.WyvernSkin");
theSkin.backFaceCulling = false;

Hope that helps.

cheers, gryff :)



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