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What the heck is BabylonFileConverter

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Wow... I never saw this project... when did this get here, was this always here???

Does this mean we can convert the json .babylon text file to a Binary Format ???

Is this real binary data (maybe dumb question) but it look like regular json text being written using stream writer... Does that make it binary??

I would think there would some kind of 'Byte Encoding' going on to make it binary... Dunno... What that is all about.... But looks like a VERY KOOL option

to add to the toolkit... Save your scene files as binary rather than text...

If thats the case... would is be possible to save Directly From Babylon Entities to this binary format instead of saving to .babylon text file then going back and converting the text file to this Babylon binary format...

I can't believe I NEVER saw this project before... Must have over looked this guy :)

Anyways... What are the advantages of this binary format vs me just pre-compressing to a .gz file ??? 

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20 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

Hey! it was here since a very long time

And yes it produces binary version of babylon file. The binary file is actually a set of files: we keep the json file format as a catalog of resources and all geometries are then saved in a different binary encoded file


I Need a way of separating out the 'Skeletons with Animations Serialized On The Bones Already'

That is what it taking up all my space, making HUGE 50+ mb scenes with some long playing animations...

Not the meshes themselves... Especially when I GZIP I like them betting in 1 file than a bunch of mesh data files


Yo @Deltakosh can you think of a way I can separate the skeletons out to a separate preferably binary file like you are doing with the BabylonFileConverter ???


Just Checking :)


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8 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

This is not supported for now unfortunately

 Yo @Deltakosh

I think almost got a Binary File Format create for babylon (using .Net To JSON Custom Serialization  - msgpack.dll and msgpack.js)

Working pretty good sat... just loosing some materials and texture because of Polymorphism ... Got go thru an retag all the Call and fields attributes with known type... Let ya know as well

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