Impossible Snake, one button snake game

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Impossible Snake is a game I've been working on (see posts here and here) and it's now available on the Android playstore. :)

Impossible Snake on Coolmath Games:
Impossible Snake on Android Store:
Impossible Snake on kongregate -
Impossible Snake on newgrounds -

It is a one-button game, meaning that you control the snake with only single taps on the screen. Every time you tap the snake will toggle between turning clockwise and counter-clockwise. Eat all apples to complete a level, the last three levels are almost impossible.. almost. ;) There is also a VS multiplayer mode, where 2 players can compete on the same device. Player one taps on the top half and player two taps on the bottom half to control their snake. Eat the most apples to win.





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Thanks, the snake going on was intentional, I thought the "woohoo!" and then "smash!" sounds were kind of funny. I'm thinking of maybe doing a sequel where you have to go through an exit to complete each stage, that is probably a more logical way to end a level.

Coincidentally I just uploaded a new version with some minor bugfixes, added an easter egg and added the Phaser logo to credits screen. Btw it ran fine on my pc but on the Kongregate website it runs too slow for some reason. :wacko: Really weird, when you hold the mouse button down and move it around in the game area then it runs at the correct speed, but when mouse button not pressed or moving it runs really slow.  Edit: Never mind it's fixed now, was probably some caching problem or something.

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On 5/5/2018 at 4:29 AM, Kappa 123 said:

Hey, not sure how many of the people who played actually completed the 12 levels, but I managed to do it and found it quite challenging.

Nice game! 🙂👍

Wow, that's so cool :) I was actually wondering if I had made the game too hard and people wouldn't know how to finish it.

So I also just now made this video to show that it can be done:


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