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Hey Guys, I'm currently moving my camera around a series of sprites but the movement is painful to look at and jerky when moving the sprites and especially with higher speeds, is there anything you can do to fix/help the lag/poor performance as it isn't really usable as a build in this current state.

I also as @Wingnut said have the issue that the transparent background is still clickable.

Here is my current playground:

@Deltakosh @Wingnut @JohnK Any incites Guys?

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14 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

After thinking about it I think you can get the pixel coordinate with:

                    var u = this.pointerX - pickResult.pickedSprite.position.x;
                    var v = this.pointerY - pickResult.pickedSprite.position.y;

(not tested but should work)

Where and how do I implement this?

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