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STRANGER THINGS fan-made retro-style point and click game

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Hello to everyone,

I'm currently developing a fan-made, retro-style and non-profit game with Phaser based on the TV show Stranger Things. The main idea is to do a Point and Click game like old classics (Monkey Island saga, Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis, etc...) with retro pixel-art graphics and chiptune music. I'm looking for GFX and Music artists

If you are interested to collaborate with this project please contact with me and I'll send you a link to see the work in progress.


(Sorry if there are some grammar errors, I'm Spanish). 

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Hi aKTiv,

My name is Jake, I'm a music producer and composer. I mainly make edm and release it through the label I'm signed with, however I want to branch out to composing for games. My game music style is heavily influenced by NES & SNES games. These two are the consoles I played games on the most when I was young. My biggest influences are the Mega Man X series, Raiden Trad, and Super Metroid.

I would love the opportunity to create music for your game and help make it the best it possibly can be. If you would like to get in contact with me or hear a sample of my portfolio, you can email me at joaken1@hotmail.com or contact me on discord (JeckillMusic #3784).


Jake Harris

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Hello Jake,

Nice to meet you. I'm so glad of your interest with this free (un-paid) project. I would like to hear a sample of your portfolio to know if your style fit with what I'm looking for the game. Like I said on topic, old-style music in retro pc games such Adlib, Midi, Chiptune, etc...

I'm currently developing a test version of the game for project partners that it will be soon available. 

Very alpha on: http://www.aktivgames.com


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