[Phaser] Paragliding game

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Hi all,

I've just finished my first game! It's just a small project I started to try and learn Phaser. As you can see it's about paragliding:



The goal is to stay up and try to make the longest flight possible. You use thermals to gain altitude and try to move from one thermal to another when the time is right.

The 'physics' are simple: you loose altitude when you turn but the lift is strongest inside the thermals so you have to turn just fast enough to stay inside it and get optimal lift.

The camera zooms in on you when you loose altitude so you cannot see the clouds when you're low. This creates something like two game modes: pay attentions to the sounds to find thermals when you're low and look at the clouds to plan your jumps when you're high. 

 In the full mobile version you steer  with the breaks which gives you more control. It's available in play store:

In the browser version you use keyboard. You can try out the game in browser here:

What do you think? Does the gameplay 'work'? Does the 'how to play' part explain it well enough? 

P.S. I did all the artwork myself and yeah... I had absolutely no experience so I know it's not great :)





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Hi Umz,

I've created video tutorial for the game. It's here: 



What do you mean the game was easy? The map loops so you can fly forever. And I actually find it quite difficult. I still didn't manage to cross the entire map. 

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