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Greeble, a #js13k entry

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maybe i missed something but :

let"s do a hallway test :
launch the game (without a clue on how to play, maybe it"s a concept game, cool)

long time loading without visual loader progress info (seriously?),
ask to press Z?, done
ask to press P?, done
a countdown, a robot on a pile of garbage, the screen fades,
i guess i should click (always do that if you are lost in front of a computer) the little robot makes little insignificant jumps,
game over. some infos on what i probably should have done...
the screen says critical system failure

after sometimes i guess i have to reload the game.
i repeat the test, same.

seems visually appealing though.

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Thanks for testing guys.  

@totor : There should be pop-up messages under the countdown explaining the controls? You're supposed to hop/roll left or right to find fuel keep yourself alive, until you find another body part.  If it goes game-over almost immediately after being dropped, that may be a bug? I'll investigate.  As for the loader not having a progress bar, you're right my bad.  But what it's actually doing is rendering music to a buffer, and that time varies wildly from machine to machine, with no good way to get the percentage complete, at least with the tiny synth library I used here. Thanks for checking it out!

@Nagval333 : nope, no real ending. There's a shoutout and credits hidden in several screens, but if you can fly you've seen almost the entire game. It's admittedly lacking content, I ran out of time and bytes, as this is for the 13k competition.  

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@Rybar, congrats for js13k2017!!!! i rechecked your game yesterday after the publishing of the results and found that this time it worked and i found the problem (on my computer at least) : at the beginning sometimes you get stuck in the pile of debris and you can't move right to roll to the next screen and find fuel hence game over. I eventually jumped out the garbage and reach the same fate as @Nagval333 plus i can almost endlessly fall through dozens of empty screens.

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