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Collaborative game - Time Travel

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I recently participated in a JAM with the "time travel" theme, and I ended up using Phaser for testing. I ended up producing a mini-game like Wario Ware, where the player must follow an action for a fast reaction on the stage. Each stage is based on a specific era in time, so the player may find yourself running from a Dinosaur or in a gun duel in a western background. Also, this game uses the tap action ("clicking" with a mouse or "tapping" on a mobile screen), so you may tap really fast on a stage, tap only when something appears on screen and etc.

I really want this game to become a collaborative project, so everyone can build new stages or even improve the gameplay or graphics. So i was looking to see if anywone is interested in producing come content for the project. I will be responsible for adding all credits for stages or any improvement made to the project.

It can also be an artist, because i'm currently using Scribblenauts assets.

You can play the current game at the following link: https://mariotoledo.github.io/just-tap-to-travel-in-time/

The github project is available at the following link: https://github.com/mariotoledo/just-tap-to-travel-in-time

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