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[WIP] Collectable Card Game

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Title: Still thinking of a name (feel free to suggest one).

Demo Link

Description: A collectable card game similar to games like Eternal, MTG or Hex but with a new resource system and some fresh mechanics. The goal is to build a fast paced, but strategic game, without unfun mechanics like mana screw.

Technologies: The game is written in Typescript and the frontend uses Angular. The backend uses websockets for multiplayer and runs on node (also written in TS).


  • Includes both PvP multiplayer and an A.I for singleplayer.
  • Four starter decks with differents strategies.
  • A deck editor to build your own decks using the ~100 cards currently implemented (more to come).
  • Resource system which allows arbitrary faction pairings, but doesn't rely on luck to draw the right resources.




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