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Shadows in never ending world

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Hey all,

Sorry to bother you with yet another shadow related question, but i'v ran into trouble. I'm doing some tests with dynamic world creation and shadows.

So i'm using directional light to cast shadows, but for every mesh i import the shadows get more and more "crispy". This is fine as long as i keep light.autoUpdateExtends as false.., BUT i ran into another issue; the "shadow projection" from the light is very slim and parallel with light angle, i simply don't know how to enlarge the shadow projection so it would fit with camera view.

Any ideas?

- eljuko

EDIT: added image. As u can see, the shadows from the rocks doesn't fit in the projection.


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Ok, so i think i found the solution from light.shadowFrustumSize = X and moving the light with camera. All this time i was trying to find the solution from shadowGenerator and forgot to experiment with the light itself :')

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