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MIME type error for images on 'cloud IDE' Koding

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I'm trying to use the Koding cloud service for my Phaser stuff. Koding runs a virtual Ubuntu system, on which runs the apache web server. When I put my project files in the servers 'web' directory, I can load the index.html and various javascript files into my browser by navigating to the virtual host's external web adress. The images however are not loaded, and when I check the console in my browser I see the error message 


Phaser.Loader error loading file: cloud from URL /snel2/images/cloud.png phaser.min.js:9
  1. Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/html: "".


The link to the images adress on the server is working: I can open the image directly by clicking the link provided in the error message (But I guess that won't be the case when the virtual host is shut off, if anyone is curious).


I know next to nothing about javascript or servers, so I post this in the hope that I'm making some simple mistake that can easily be spotted by someone who knows what he/she is doing. Thanks for reading!

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Interesting problem.
I open the page in Firefox, and I see a small stickman walking around behind a cloud.

I open the page in Chrome, and I see little black squares with green borders.

I was going to suggest trying to change the image loading line, but it works in FF.

Maybe the code is loading too fast for the images in Chrome...?

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@gonzalez32: Sorry for not answering, I've been away from the forum. Yes and no, the 'solution' that I found was using Firefox instead of Chrome when on Koding. (The code works fine in Chrome in general, it's just when using Koding, which really is quite slow, that this particular strangeness occurs). I've tried cloud9 as well, which works with both Firefox and Chrome, as long as you remeber to use public projects.

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