Playing new animation on sprite not updating

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So I'm running into this problem where I initialize a sprite with multiple animations, but only the animation specified in the creation of the sprite is ever played. When I attempt to update the sprite with a new animation, it simply changes the framerate. I have debugged the game to see if it is actually updating the currentAnim, and it is. Also, I have tested the other animations too see if they loaded correctly by inputting them into the initializing sprite animation. Now, code:

player = this.game.add.sprite(400, 400, 'player_idle');
this.game.physics.p2.enable(player, false);
player.body.fixedRotation = true;

controls.left.onDown.add(() => {
      console.log("Begin left: " + player.animations.currentAnim.name);
      player.animations.play('player_left', 14, true);
      console.log("End left: " + player.animations.currentAnim.name);
    }, this);

    controls.right.onDown.add(() => {
      console.log("Begin right: " + player.animations.currentAnim.name);
      player.animations.play('player_right', 14, true);
      console.log("End right: " + player.animations.currentAnim.name);
    }, this);

update() {
    controls.up.isDown ? player.body.moveUp(200) : null
    controls.down.isDown ? player.body.moveDown(200) : null
    controls.left.isDown ? player.body.moveLeft(200) : null
    controls.right.isDown ? player.body.moveRight(200) : null

    if(!controls.left.isDown && !controls.right.isDown && !controls.up.isDown && !controls.down.isDown) {
      player.animations.play('player_idle', 3, true);


 I am using "phaser-ce@2.8.3". I need some help. Thank you a bunch.

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Thank you. This helps a bunch. I should have specified that the animations are separate. As in, I have separate sprite sheets for move left, right, etc. Would this be the root of the problem? If so, do you think this should be an enhancement in 3.0?

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Yes, I think you'll be much better off using one spritesheet. That's what Phaser anticipates and it's more efficient. I don't know what's planned for Phaser 3, but only one texture per animation is still a good rule.

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