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Hi indie developer friends :)
You already published a game at the Google PlayStore? Then you know the pain of updating the store information in all different languages.
As a start, we published a small tool for translating and creating the release notes automatically.
That means
  1. Your turn - Enter your release notes information in your favourite language
  2. Our turn - Automatically translate your release notes in up to 66 languages (languages that are recommended in the Google PlayConsole)
  3. Our turn - We will provide the "xml-like" format that is required in the Google PlayConsole
  4. Your turn - Copy the formatted result to your app in the Google PlayConsole
  5. Finished! Saved a lot of time and get a better visibility of your app in the PlayStore.
We often used terms like “Bugfixes”, “Performance updates” on each release for all languages.Now you can provide your real update information (up to 500 characters per language) and hopefully get more downloads with better App Store Optimization.

Here is another explaination how the Release Notes Translation Tool can help you.
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New video and a better description of the tool

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The full description of my game is a little bit over 500 characters long. I think I will merge 2 translations to get a bigger one.  The full description box recognizes each language tag or I'll have to add each one manually?

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@icpAh, that's a good point. The format that is provided by our tool only works with the google "release version/ whats new" texts.
The complete description of your app must be uploaded manually for each language separately.

Currently we are working on a much bigger tool which will simplify your work with the playstore and the apple store and can automate many steps.
If you are interested in that topic, you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

You can find it here:

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Hi @icp,

some time ago you asked about a tool that can also translate your full app description.

We are happy to get in touch with you to let you know that it is almost done. You can test our "App Store Localizer" here:


It translates all your app store metadata like app title, description, keywords,... in up to 66 languages for both stores (App Store and Play Store). 
Don't forget to mention it uploads everything automatically to the stores as well.

Feel free to give it a try - we are happy to hear from you :)


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