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Orthographic camera and SSAO

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Hey; just tried to understand the problem but found that if I set the maxZ value of the camera to 100 I can get a good result: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#KAQYTH#3

I assume that we store well the depth in the depth map, so I need to understand why the depth metrics have different impacts when you set as orthographic

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@Luaacro If you're asking me, it's a semi random number. If i reduce it to 500 (works with my scene) ssao effect does kick in.

New question tho: Because SSAO introduces alot of aliasing, how would you combine this with a FXAA? Is that even possible? I've tried 

camera.attachPostProcess(new FxaaPostProcess("d", undefined, camera))
const ssao = new SSAORenderingPipeline('ssaopipeline', scene, 1, [camera]);

I get

You're trying to reuse a post process not defined as reusable.


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