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I ported my game from Flash/AIR to HTML5.

It's SparkChess, a chess game with single-player and multiplayer capabilities.

The game is written in Typescript. I chose it because it was more similar to Actionscript and because I wanted to keep my sanity (for large projects Javascript is a pain).

The AI engine is written by me, it's fast and strong enough for most players. It uses web workers. The multiplayer part uses websockets, with Union Platform (wonderful Java multiplayer server with Javascript client, too bad it doesn't seem to be actively developed). There's a free version online and we also have a Premium version with extra features, such as the rotatable 3D board that uses Three.js.

I also created desktop versions for Win & Mac using Electron (previously NWjs but Electron seems to have more & better tools) and also for mobile using Cordova. 



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Very nice, it looks very polished. I did a chess game myself but I used an existing AI. 

In case you want to have some feedback ... I would have preferred to see an animation when a piece is captured. An alpha tween for the captured piece would have been enough. 

Why don't you cancel the selection when the player tries to select another piece instead of having to click again in the first piece?


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