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Hello community!  
I'm new here and I have a few doubts, I hope someone can answer me. 
1- Be about Js, HTML and CCS, in order to create games, is it necessary to have knowledge in database? Is it necessary to
 send data to a web server? only one player game, not the multiplayer that I imagine is different.  
2- Another question is about monetization, it's curious since I'm still far from it, I've seen that they sell the games to portals,
but reading a blog, I saw that I made money with ads too .. 
You can put your own ads in the games? or divide the profits with the portals or something?


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You don't need to know databases to make games. You might want that if you're doing an online thing, though.

I can't answer about the ads, but many games and some portals use ingame ads, so it's possible. Ad-supported games are one way to monetize your software, albeit licensing to portals seem to be the most effective in the short term.

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1. You don't need to run your own database. I guess if you would like to create a bit more complex game - you would need one, but even then you can use some existing solution (like

2. You can add ads from multiple sources (Google AdSense being the most popular one I guess). There are some options for in game purchases around as well (not super popular yet though). 

Hope that helps:)

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