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gltf model material not exporting

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Hi waverider!  Sorry for the slow replies.  I'm not an export on Blender, or its gltf exporter, or the BJS gltf importer.  But, I will try.

Before export, the model looks correct in Blender?  It has its material looking good?

IF the model is textured, could you test with ONLY diffuse coloring and no texture?

Are their any errors displayed on the console... when BJS scene is RUN? 

Are there any File Not Found errors for any textures, IF you are using textures?

Please provide LOTS of info if you can, and please publish the gltf file too, if possible.  thx!

Perhaps do some SMALL tests with single small model, with only one material.  Perhaps ONLY a color, not a texture. 

Make sure your scene has a light... at least a single hemi-light with light.intensity = 1.  Report findings, plz.

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