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Angle towards Velocity

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Hi all,

I am having a little trouble trying to get my sprite to angle itself towards its current velocity. At the moment the zombies in my game are pointing to the top. They have a random velocity set in the code below. Is it possible to rotate these depending on the direction is it moving? 

Here is the code I am currently using. 

The enemies are spawning fine and moving in random directions, just trying to get the lads to rotate to their velocity is a pain.

createEnemies: function() {
		for (var x = 0; x < startingEnemies; x++) { // Create 5 enemies with random positions
			var enemy = enemies.create(this.game.rnd.integerInRange(50, 1870), this.game.rnd.integerInRange(50, this.game.world.height - 50), 'enemy');
			this.game.physics.enable(enemy, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);
			enemy.body.velocity.setTo(this.game.rnd.integerInRange(50, 150), this.game.rnd.integerInRange(50, 150));

			enemy.body.collideWorldBounds = true;
			var animationZombie = enemy.animations.add('animationZombie');
			enemy.animations.play('animationZombie', 30, true);

		enemies.x = 100;
		enemies.y = 50;

I am using Phaser v2.9.2 and the ARCADE physics.

This is my first game and post, so let me know if there is any other information you require. 


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