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Problems with debugLayer in Firefox

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Hello all,

I am not sure if I am alone in this, but I seem to have some performance issues with the debugLayer in firefox.

If I open the basic scene(or any other scene for that matter) in the playground I have a solid 60 fps. But as soon as I show the debugLayer(either via the button on the top menu or via debugLayer.show) the fps drops to around 3. Removing the debugLayer puts the fps back to 60.

I see no errors in the console. I tried to replicate this issue in Chrome and Edge but it works fine there.

Is this a problem at the side of Babylon or Firefox?

Here is a link to the playground: 

http://playground.babylonjs.com/#D3LNX9#1 (note this is basicly the basic scene with the debugLayer on from the start)


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Looking at the profile, it doesn't really tell me anything.(perhaps I am looking in the wrong place)

Something to note. Once I used the debugger it stays slow, it will show around 60 fps on the playground again. But my pc won't stop being slow until I close the tab that has the playground in it.

Here is the profile and a picture of it.




My Task manager doesn't really tell me much either, since my CPU is only around 20% 

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