Is there a sanctioned/figured out way to extend a custom game state?

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The thing I'm trying to create is this: I have a gamestate called a GameArea, which defines every playable space in the game, sort of a basic "Gameplay" gamestate. So we know that for every GameArea, I want to load the same HUD elements, player, etc., but I want to load different tilemaps and music depending on which area it is. So the idea is to call the base Load function first, followed by the Load function of the unique child state. I haven't been able to get any version of this to work yet, I'm having trouble creating something that'll play well with how Phaser calls the functions. Anyone have any ideas?

The only other thing I can think of is making functions like loadGameAreaAssets() and createGameAreaBase() that I call for every gamestate, but that's maybe a little less clean.

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If you already have the classes set up, it would be something like

GameArea.prototype.load = function () {
  // [Load common assets]

GameAreaOne.prototype.load = function () {
  // [Load special assets]


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