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Phaser Boilerplate - Phaser.io + TypeScript + Webpack

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Hi guys,

I was looking for a Phaser boilerplate, simple, clean to get me started but what I've found on the web was outdated, too complex or didn't do the right thing (at least for me) so I've decided to create my own.

The Phaser boilerplate that I've put together comes with:

- the latest version of Phaser CE 2.9.4

- TypeScript

- Howler.js 2.0.7 (an awesome audio library) - can be removed if one does not need it

- Webpack 3.10.0

- ... and few things to get a game up and running in no time :P 

Some of the awesome features:

There is a integrated TypeScript linter that checks your code for readability, maintainability, and functionality errors (we need to code proper :P).

The code is watched so any change you make the browser refreshes (unless you have errors in your code).

I've added a command to pack your code (minify, uglify, comments removal, console.log removals, etc).

The uglify process is only applied on your custom code, not on vendor library so that you won't end up with extra MBs in your final build.


The boilerplate is available here: https://github.com/numbofathma/phaser-typescript-webpack

Let me know what you think! Hope it will be useful for the community!


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