OnPickTrigger with ExecuteCodeAction

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Hey guys... while refactoring some code, I ran off down the path of changing my old picking method (Raycasting, etc) to use actions... specifically OnPickTrigger with ExecuteCodeAction.

But... I was a bit confused when I could not find the picked point on the mesh in the event data. Am I missing something?

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Hiya JLH!  Good to see you again.

I think this is normal.  ActionEvents don't have a 'picked point'.  I don't know WHY they don't, but they don't.  hmm.

You could put a pick right in the middle of the executeCodeAction handler... but did you gain anything?  It still uses a Ray, I think.


Line 17... I put a scene.pick inside my onClickyPoo() executeCodeAction handler.  It works... but... hmm.  :)

It didn't remove any raycasting AT ALL.  SO, I was of no help whatsoever, eh?  Yay Wingnut!  heh.  Sorry. 

Possibly, a pickingRay is NEEDED... in order to get a picked point.  Maybe there is no other way.

Stay tuned, others may comment soon.

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Thanks, Wing... I went ahead and a fell back (ahead? back?) to my old method.

I'm assuming the lack of the picked point is an optimization thing.

The other advantage to scene.pick() is that you can tell when the user doesn't click on something.

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