Move DOM objects position relative to 3D Objects

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I have some UI elements on the DOM that I want to move relative to the 3D objects, I searched this forum and generally and the best I could find was:

scene.afterRender = function() {
        var worldMatrix = planet2.getWorldMatrix();
        var transformMatrix = scene.getTransformMatrix(true);
        var position = planet2.position;
        var viewport = scene.activeCamera.viewport;
        var coordinates = BABYLON.Vector3.Project(position, worldMatrix, transformMatrix, viewport);
        console.log(coordinates, window.innerWidth * coordinates.x);

 but unfortunately the coordinates keep changing because the object is rotating, so is there another way to track the object absolute position and convert that to screen position so I can use it the the `window` gets resized or when the camera changes angle?

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To be honest I'm not trying to insert DOM elements inside the canvas. I'm trying to determine a mesh position (in pixels) and its size (in pixels) again. But it is difficult because a) the mesh is rotating and many values change, b ) On window resize the sphere gets scaled up/down and cannot find a good way of determining its size when that happens.

The site is a mix of simple HTML elements and Babylonjs

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I was experimenting with turning html elements into svg's and pushing that to a dynamic texture. Ill link you to that when I get a chance.

If you combine that with the GUI system you will hit your mark.

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