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Way to change intensity of highlight-layer on mesh

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Hi everybody:

I wonder whether a direct-way of change the highlight-layer intensity exist, in order to progressively fade it in and out. I can't find info in the docs.

Best regards.

P.S. Of course it could be always done following a not-so-direct-way, tweaking the color values under a harmonic (sinusoidal) basis.

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Hi pR!  Perhaps the best way... is to use the blur sizes.

Sinusoidal and not-so-direct, eh?  heh.  Sorry. 

You can always create a highlightLayer.setBlurSize(size) { set horz/vert blur size } function... make life easier for yourself. 

Heck, you could probably get that function approved by admin... for adding to core highlightLayer.  Maybe get your "I contributed to BJS core" shoulder patch and certificate!  YAY!

It's not an "intensity", but blur-sizing works okay.  :)  There could be other methods... but they would be more complex and involve alphaBlendingModes.  HighlightLayers are a post-process and don't handle depthRenders/alpha very well.  It is not a weakness/bug... just an expected characteristic for these types of effects.  Hope this helps.

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