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Hi all,


Is this possible? e.g. 

// Create textvar t =, 10, "Hello World", { font: "16pt Arial", fill: "#FFFFFF", align: "center" });// Ideally not this because it uses internal values, and actually doesn't update the text displayed. t._style['fill'] = "#FF0000";// Perhaps something like this...!t.updateCSS({ font: "16pt Arial", fill: "#FF0000", align: "center" });


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setStyle() is inherited from PIXI.Font, so it is found in the PIXI docs, not the Phaser docs.
What you find in the Phaser docs is the Text.font property:

/*** The font the text will be rendered in.* @name Phaser.Text#font* @property {string} font - The font the text will be rendered in.*/Object.defineProperty(Phaser.Text.prototype, 'font', {    get: function() {        return this._style;    },    set: function(value) {        //  Let's not update unless needed, this way we can safely update the text in a core loop without constant re-draws        if (value !== this._style)        {            this._style = value;            this.setStyle(value);        }    }});

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