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phaser auto completion with brackets

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how to use phaser auto completion in brackets

install ternific (extension) [brackets]
after that,
go to ::
for windows::(mac and ubuntu might be quite similar)

and paste phaser.js (auto completion api)
(right click and save)

create .tern-project at the root dir. of your project file
and paste and save

"ecmaVersion": 6,
"libs": ["browser"],
"loadEagerly": [],

"plugins": {
"phaser" : {},
"doc_comment": true

enable ternific::
at right top side of file option menu, click the ternific option

--> now you can use phaser autocompletion with tern-documentation/tern-def

bonus:: install phaser-chain extension ( for phaser api documentation)






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Hi! I followed all the steps but I can't get to, how to create a '.tern-project '.

To be honest I don't know how to. I've searched over the internet but no one explain something like that, and there's no video or something about it.

Maybe I'm too dumb for this? I don't know, but please I only need this part to make this work. I need this auto-completion in my life so much lol.



- Eng. Aguirre Albert.

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