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Phaser in Brackets: Pause update not working

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I had another thread where I went back and forth with @samme about pauseupdate not working. After copying his/her code from CodePen into my file, I discovered that running his/her code from within Brackets also resulted in the pause update not working (not getting pointer data).

I then ran the code from my file directly in Chrome and Firefox and it didn't work there either (the code runs, no errors thrown, etc. but the pointerdata isn't updated on pause). 

What am I missing?  How can I get pointerdata on pause? 



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I figured out to get the live data it has to be rendered in Phaser.CANVAS not AUTO/ WEBGL, and also that all my other problems were because of AUTO and not CANVAS mode.


I really wish more tutorials had explained what the differences are instead of saying "just put it in Auto mode and don't worry about it".....


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