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Framework or Canvas? Differ and Similarities

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Canvas is just a HTML element that you can use to draw images. You can use that directly to make your games, however it's a bit complicated.


There are many frameworks that use the Canvas to draw, and make your life easier (they make it easy to mange resources, rendering, AI, UI, etc). They are typically higher-level (but not all of them). So for example, if you are programming using the Canvas directly, you would think in terms of screen coordinates, image objects, and so on. With a framework, you normally think in terms of "Sprites" or "Game Objects", that live in a game world that you see through a camera. It's a different level of abstraction.


Some frameworks don't use Canvas at all, just DOM objects. And yes, you can also use DOM objects directly (no frameworks and no canvas), although this is possibly the hardest route, depending on the type of game that you're looking to make.

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