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Restarting a Phaser State is Resetting Global Variables

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I have a global object called "params" that stores a lot of important parameters for my game.  I define params in a "main.js" file that initializes the game, defines my states and parameters, and then calls my "bootState". 

For some reason, when I restart my "gameState" (another state, defined in "gameState.js") it resets my "params" object to the values it was initialized with in "main.js".

My goal is to change some parameters via "params" in the console, then restart "gameState" and have it reflect those changed parameters.

If needed I can provide some example code.

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Personally I prefer old threads stay up so people with the same problem can read them and figure out where they're going wrong. They fall down the list pretty quickly so will be buried before you know it :)

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