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Cordova + iPhone X Display problems

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I'm having a problem getting a game exported to iOS with Cordova to display correctly on iPhone X. The exported game always shows up like this with the game pushed off to the left of the screen.


This is a blank Construct 3 project, no code added, it displays correctly on all iOS devices except iPhone X, I have tried adding the correct size launchimages in xcode, tried using storyboards, made sure all the constraints are set up correctly, I have viewport-fit=cover set in the meta tag.

Has anyone had any luck with Cordova projects on iPhone X yet? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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I think viewport cover just handles colour on the body element i.e. it isn't a real way to tell content to go 'behind' the notch.

Did you try removing the safe area? 

edit: actually, I think I'm wrong and that article implies `viewport-fit:cover` should be enough. I'm guessing Construct 3 uses JS functions for determining viewport size to determine canvas size (rather than CSS) and maybe the issue lies there with this new device.

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