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[Paid] Phaser developer to help optimize game

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Hello, all! I am a writer/director living in Los Angeles. A couple years ago, I started working on a simple procedurally-generated lettuce platformer in Phaser. You play as a head of lettuce trying to climb a mountain to reunite with your tortoise love. Since then, I have repeatedly been sidetracked by other projects and am now returning to it with the hopes of releasing it in the next month or so.

You can play a demo of the game at (but please do not share).

As you can see, for a game that is this simple (about ~2500 lines of code), I have persistent problems with framerate. I believe that I could discern the solution to this problem, but it would take me a lot of time and (frankly) I would rather spend that time working on other projects.

I am looking to hire someone to help me optimize this code to improve the framerate. Please feel free to examine the source code in the above link and send me your rates and timeframe, or introduce yourself, or do whatever the next step is. I have never hired a programmer before, so you'll probably have more experience with how to go about this than I do.

I would prefer to hire someone who enjoys the game and who could be a collaborator in the future. I have a couple mostly-completed games, and I would be interested in hiring someone for those, too, depending on how well we work together. (All of those would be paid, as well!)

Thank you very much!

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