Cryptocurrency as a game reward

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On 24.02.2018 at 11:39 AM, mazoku said:

Claim tho have 1 bitcoin reward if player beats the game and make the game impossible. ;)

Just joking (not really)


Found couple of simple games, showing standard bitcoin faucets (different values, depends on the score) as the reward... Is there more graceful solution?

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The problem with bitcoin as it currently stands are the fees per transaction which would make such rewards pointless / or costly whichever side. Lightning network may help a lot in regards to this.

Another solution is to use a dedicated alt currency (there are several) or create your own with low fees and fast transaction speeds. People would trade them vs BTC to cash out as they do with alt coins trading.

Offering 1 BTC as unique reward for the first player to beat the game (or create a more elaborate reward structure) is not such a bad idea. Last year I actually wrote a short blog article about a digital artist, she embedded private keys to bitcoin stashes in her paintings. Her last puzzle has yet to be solved but surely, should the reward be substantial enough (4.5 BTC in her case), it is a great way to get exposure, especially these days with cryptocurrencies all over the news.


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Yep, looks like it's impossible to implement satoshi game bonus without server coding

However... ;)  I've explored couple of games like tetris above (I like Lines and 2048  ) , the sequence is:

- Create a faucet with some provider (like, grab the faucet key.

- With the faucet key create remote faucet with some  provider (like, grab javascript init/show code for your remote faucet.

- Use the code when the game ends to reward player.




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