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Hi, everyone!

This game was the second finished game I published. It is heavily inspired by Freeway and Frogger, but it does actually have an ending after you finish it.

The game features 50 sequential levels, with increasing difficulty. It also has an auto save feature, so you can play a little then come back to it later.

Here's the link:

This game was made with Quick, the game engine I've been working on since 2014 and was derived from my first games:

Thank you for your time! Cheers!

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Added link to fullscreen version

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Hi Diogo,

The ui, graphics and sound effects transmit very well the feeling of an arcade game of the 80s (I like it). 
About the controls: I miss a change of lane a little faster. In the middle of the road it is impossible to dodge the fastest vehicles. Has anyone reached level 50? :)




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Hi! Thanks, that's the idea! I grew up playing games from the '80s, so that's the way I feel they should look like.

I'm aware that the game gets pretty tough after a while (just like the good ol' arcade games, right?). But I can guarantee it's possible to finish it. It's meant to replicate the challenge of crossing a very fast highway. And you're in control of a huge hen, right? Which should be still better than trying it as a human, I guess.

Well, it gets to the point where it's more about strategy than action. Everything counts, from walking left or right so you can better see the vehicles coming, avoiding manholes, waiting for slow vehicles that will hold the fast ones behind them... and of course collecting all the corn you can to gain some extra lives. Just like crossing the road in real life, it's more about planning and being cautious than being an athlete, right?

I mean... it's not as painful as trying to finish Children of the Atom with a single coin, but it's not easy either. I think part of the fun is the challenge, if I could just easily pass through all levels it wouldn't be so fun! But I'll have a look again, maybe a little bit easier wouldn't hurt. If not a faster hen, maybe a smaller hit box would also give it a little blessing. Thanks again for the review! :)

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Last minute update: I have just updated the game with a cheat code. If you enter the "Konami code" at the title screen, you should hear the life up sound and start the game with a boost on your lifespan. It will only work after the previous game is over, so make sure you don't have a previous game already saved, in which case it will only load the current game, without the boost.

PS: Kongregate uses heavy caching AFAIK, so the update might not just kick in the first time. ;)

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