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This is how scirra is treating its costumers

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So i just bought scirras construct 3 game making program and ended up finding myself lost in a sea of bugs, but when i said i wanted a refund ...this ... is ... what ... they replied.... they even locked my thread on their forum and demanded that i give them the source code of my game..... 


 and after the thread got locked 


they totally ignored me .... 

unbelievable ... 















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Wow, that's fairly amazing.

I'd have thought they'd just give you your money back, deactivate your account and then try to help you get back on your feet.

I don't think Tom is being particularly obtuse though, he does sound like he is trying to get you back your feet with his product. However, when you feel let down and no longer even want to get back on your feet it's pretty bad not to just refund and move on.

I naively assume this sort of thing doesn't happen anymore where information is so public, guess I'm wrong. 

Hope you get your money back without the hassle of having to sue them for it.

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I don't know about UK laws but the UK is (still) in the EU and if you are an EU country citizen they are bound to provide a refund for any remote purchase if the customer demands so within 14 days (based on the purchase date). Especially if it's a subscription to an online service and not a product that you've already consumed or damaged.

... regardless of what ToS you've agreed to.

Aside from that, I really really doubt anybody would have other sorts of interest in the idea or the code behind an HTML game these days. It's a standard practice to send a test project for reproducing bugs. And they could easily collect the project code and assets if they wanted to - it's an online app after all, isn't it?

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@unforseen Tom is thinking like a systems engineer and his ask is sensible (... send him the files).  His motivation is probably wanting to help all C3 users simultaneously, not just one at a time.  So help him to help you ... if you've identified a real issue then he can fix it at core (you  helped the community), or if you've got a local issue his expertise will expedite your fix (the community helped you).  Yes, their customer service response was not ideal, and nobody likes having unfair terms quoted back at them - but identify what's the best course for you and your game.  You probably selected C3 for good reasons, wouldn't having it work be best for you?  Good luck :)

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