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5 hours ago, samme said:

That sounds like there's a problem with the state's create property.

I also looked at how my create was defined above, but I've called it the same thing everywhere I need to reference it, no typos or anything from what I can see, just really stumped as to what I've done wrong.

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9 minutes ago, samme said:

When exactly do you get this error?

Ordinarily that would happen while a state is starting.

Yep happens as soon as the state loads. It also creates 2 smaller weird windows below the actual game, but I think that’s a separate issue

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8 hours ago, samme said:

Make sure you have only one new Phaser.Game(…).

See https://codepen.io/samme/pen/bLQeoV?editors=0010


You absolute genius, I knew it would be a simple error, I suppose that's what I get for using parts of other peoples code :lol:. I get a different error now relating to my game over state, but I'll try and solve that myself. Thank you so much samme!!

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