implementing pixi-v4 filters in phaser 2

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I'm trying to implement the pixi-v4 filters in phaser 2 (CE Version). 

I'm especially interested in this one:

I've noticed this example ( in phaser 2 is outdated/not working (link to pixi filter is wrong). Even when i fix the link (e.g. the filter gives an error because pixi is not included.

So I'm wondering what is the right method to do it. 


I guess the main questions here are:



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I actually made some progress. The filter is now running without throwing any errors, but nothing is visible below (although things are there; i tested by applying the filter to one sprite only instead of the

Here's the filter:

and i call it like that:
f = new Phaser.Filter.ZoomBlur(game);
f.strength = 0.1;
f.innerRadius = 80;
f.radius = 1; = [500,300]; = new Phaser.Rectangle(); = [f];


any clues?

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Added the filter to a sprite of the phaser logo. It did something alright. Changing the filter properties didn't seem to do anything whats so ever. I have little to no knowledge with shaders, so i have no idea whats going on.


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