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Hello coders and countrymen,

I have continued the labor with Illuminated City in ways that are not nearly geeky enough for this forum.  I have, for example, spent hours with crime analysts for San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.  (You know, stay close to the target user.)

One request was the ability to take crime data from multiple geo-adjacent cities and put it onto one display.  Oddly enough, crime does not stop at administrative boundaries.  And cities are utterly incompetent at unifying data-anything.  Did that.

Another request, only partially complete, is to be able to observe a "patrol waveform" and compare it to the "crime waveform".  The goal would be to help place patrols more effectively.  Patrol presence reduces crime.  It's a challenging problem; I will discuss another time.

Finally starting to take specific steps to create buzz.  This might include creating consternation on the way -- this is crime after all.  My first blog post is 90% complete and I am itching to show it to someone.  Tag.  You're it.

Maybe 85%.  Anyway, almost there.

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