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Hey everyone!

Sam from Bitfox Games here for our studios' first post (and definitely not last!). I'm here to introduce our inaugural game release (well, it's been out for a couple of months now :) ). ( AKA Battle Royale: Unsung Heroes is a multiplayer 2d battle royale shooter. It features over a dozen different weapons, a 2d pseudo-isometric perspective, and a massive map. Gameplay consist of, well, trying to be the last person standing! Scrounge for weapons, healing items, weapon attachments & scopes. If you die early in a match, you can spectate the remainder of the round as a ghost, or queue for another server immediately. In order to survive, you have to outsmart your opponents!

Since launch we've seen millions of rounds of battle royale played, and many other fun stats viewable on our website.

We used PIXI for our visuals, Nengi.js + Node for our networking layer (and some client-side niceties that the library, and developer @timetocode, provides - he's actually a part of our team and actively works on

If anyone has any questions about the way we've implemented anything, please don't hesitate to ask!

Additionally, we would love feedback from other HTML5 game developers.

There are bugs; but if you find any, let me know! There's a chance it's not already in our bug tracker.

Some features that are on our near-future roadmap are:

- Teams Mode (squads & duos)

- Grenades

- Two weapon slots

Always open to more suggestions as well :)





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1 hour ago, PixelPicoSean said:

Wow, that is a nice game with really great multiplayer support. I'd suggest disable collision with walls in ghost mode, so players can focus on the battle between survivals without distractions.

Thanks! I may sneak this in tonight if I have time - but either way, putting it in. Great idea.

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This game is very fun.


Only 2 suggestions:

1) Server browser with sort by ping. 

2) If you use the arrows for movement, the keys "r" and "e" are far from the hand. Maybe some additional keys.



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This is really fun but it's quite difficult to play on a laptop with the touch pad, can't really think of a way around that, really need to plug a mouse in.

Might find my steam controller and see how it plays with that.

I like how the games are over quickly, no messing about, it's just war!

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