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What´s the best way to let your character to jump through platforms?

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I have this basic platform game and I would like the hero to jump through the platforms, from underneath to the top of the platform, but I´m not being able to do that and the head of the hero collides with the bottom of the platform even when I set the collideDown of that tile (actually, to all the tiles of that layer) to false.

What am I missing?


this.platformsLayer = this.map.createLayer("platforms")
this.map.setCollisionBetween(1,50, true, "platforms")

var tilesArray = this.platformsLayer.getTiles(0,0,this.game.world.width, this.game.world.height)
for(var i=0;i<tilesArray.length;i++){
	tilesArray[i].setCollision(true, true, true, false)
	console.log("All set to false")


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41 minutes ago, totallybueno said:

I still don´t get why


is not working as I was expecting.

Had a quick look at the source (collideSpriteVsTilemapLayer), it (collideDown etc) doesn't look implemented?
I guess you could just set the collide processCallback, and return false...


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