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how to add listener or callback to onOutOfBounds event

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So i want to add listener to when the sprite goes out of bounds of the screen. It doesn't seem to fire up. Am I missing something? I saw a post here about this but it uses this.physics.world.on("worldbounds".. but isn't there a way to encapsulate the listener inside a new Sprite child class? Btw is there a list of events i can listen to? Thanks!

class Meteor extends Phaser.Physics.Arcade.Sprite{
      this.scene = scene;


Ok so apparently if i am setting this.collideWorldBounds(true) it console.logs this.body.onWOrlBounds as true but console.log this has it set to false. If I add a new Meteor(..) from scene.create() method it works fine. If I add it from Spawner class it doesn't.

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