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Boomerang Chang, now in HTML5

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Hello Guys,

Just wanted to show you my first HTML5 game : Boomerang Chang ( There was already a Flash, an Android and an IOS version. But HTML5 is just fresh ! I also wrote an article about the process building the game with libgdx :

Cheers !



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Nice game I liked it, sadly the game got stuck after I had become and ninja with completing the tutorial.

Latest Safari MacOS

Unhandled Promise Rejection: NotAllowedError (DOM Exception 35): The request is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context, possibly because the user denied permission.


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Great game, really enjoyed playing it and returned a few days in a row - I will get the app.  Some feedback:

1) Wasn't obvious I could fire more than 1 boomerang (don't recall this in the tutorial?) - when I "discovered" this the game took on a new dimension!
2) Great simple leaderboard mechanism, created incentive for replay and get the #1 spot for today
3) Music gets a bit repetitive in the early stages, any chance of shuffling it up a bit?
4) No apparent difficulty ramp - seems almost easier at 50+ than in the 10+ zone?
5) Progression - simple is prefect initially, but what now - I want to earn something and spend it on a shield, a sidekick, a megarang
6) Informative blog post!

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Tks for those new feedbacks, i'm happy you liked the game !

@Kaffesumpen, after quick check, it is apparently related to the play of sounds (without user permission...). Need to investigate on that one ! Also I find playing sounds  a bit problematic in HTML5 (especially on mobile devices ) ...

@onlycape, now you need the top 10 of the month :) (tip : today is the day)

@b10b, yes, not everthing is taught in the tuto. Self learning brings also its own rewarding moments. Yes, I like the flexibility of having a custom leaderboard. Music is not my best skill, I always wonder if I should ask real musicians or buy some, but at the end, I almost always do it myself. No there is no progression, I actually made Boomerang Chang 2 (in Flash and on mobiles), with upgrades and progression, but I think I overthought it and had problems with balancing the game. Maybe something in between, like Boomerang Chang 1.5, with some simple upgrades/progression would be best :)



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