Multiple tilesets in a single Tiled layer?

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In Tiled (1.1.3) you can make a layer that includes multiple different embedded tilesets.

The resulting JSON has an array in the tilesets property. See complete example .

I can't get this to load in Phaser. I've tried several things, but anything after the first tileset throws an error one way or another. Here's the latest attempt:

        function preload() {
            this.load.tilemapTiledJSON('map', '/maps/phaserTest.json');
            this.load.image('phaserTestImg', '/maps/phaserTest.png');
            this.load.image('Door0', '/maps/Door0.png');
            this.load.image('Floor', '/maps/Floor.png');
            this.load.image('Wall', '/maps/Wall.png');

        function create() {
            var map = this.add.tilemap('map');
            var tileset = map.addTilesetImage('Wall', undefined, 16, 16, 0, 0, 1);
            var tileset2 = map.addTilesetImage('Door0', undefined, 16, 16, 0, 0, 2);
            var tileset3 = map.addTilesetImage('Floor', undefined, 16, 16, 0, 0, 3);
            var layer = map.createStaticLayer(0, tileset);
            var layer2 = map.createStaticLayer(1, tileset2);
            var layer3 = map.createStaticLayer(2, tileset3);

            var graphics =;


(I've also tried using map.createStaticLayer with the string name of the layer from Tiled JSON, this is just the latest failed experiment.)

My guess is this isn't supported and I have to create my maps differently in Tiled, but I am brand new to Phaser and I might just be missing something obvious.

Back in 2013, Rich seemed to say it wasn't supported

but 2013 is quite a long time ago and I know a lot has changed with tileset handling since then.

So my questions:

1) Can you make a map in Tiled that has multiple (embedded) tilesets in a single layer, and use that JSON from Phaser successfully? If so, can I get a hint on how to do this correctly?

2) If this isn't supported, what is the best alternate approach in Phaser 3? Two things that occur to me are making a Tiled map that has a separate layer for each tileset, or combining lots of little tilesets together into a mechagodzilla tileset so I can lay out a whole bunch of features in a single layer. Or something different. Opinions?


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@PixelPicoSean Not really what I meant. In Tiled (tile editor) you can flip and rotate individual tiles. When I now import that into Phaser 3 the rotation and flipping of those tiles is not applied. Don't spend any time figuring this out though. I can read the code  myself and find out what's wrong.

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Is this still the case that each Tileset requires its own layer?


I tried using an array of tilesets as an argument because intellisense seemed to offer this as an option.

map = map.createStaticLayer("Layer", [tileset1, tileset2], 0,0);

and tileset 1 did load into the map sucessfully.

tileset 2 was not present on this load.


Could this work in theory or is it still not supported (Aug 2019)?

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