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In Phaser2, it was possible to scale a TileSprite so the sprite inside was scaled while being tiled. It doesn't seem to be there anymore in Phase3. Is there a way to achieve this?


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Hi Vincent

As I understand, the TileSprite works like a frame. You set a size (width, height) and you set a position on screen, then the framework will render a sprite inside that frame until it fills it (a bit like a background image in CSS). What I'm trying to do is being able to scale the sprite it is using to fill the frame. For exemple, using a 128x128 image and scale it to 256x256 before using it to fill the frame. On the project I am working on, I have a constraint about the base image file so it would save me a lot of trouble to be able to scale it to a certain size.

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It looks like tileScale doesn't exist in Phaser 3.

You may be able to get the same effect by scaling the sprite:

this.add.tileSprite(400, 300, 0.5 * 150, 0.5 * 150, 'image1').setScale(2);


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