Learning to write (good) JavaScript - resources for beginners

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The OP recommended WebStorm.

PhpStorm = WebStorm + PHP + Database support

If you don't need PHP or database support, Webstorm is better because it will load slightly faster and have fewer confusing menu options :)

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Yo yo, I'm a bit of a savant at "learning javascript" - went through a bootcamp, picked it up in 3 months, functioned as a teacher after, tutor people of all ages (including people trying to become professional developers) all the time. 


My suggestions:


1. Learn the syntax first via Code Academy. Search "intro to Javascript." This will get you up and running in the basic syntax in about an hour or three (or more! no shame in that). No-registration-needed alternative: (worth reading anyway)

2. Get on some "good javascript practice" resources. Tackle at least , start reading . Deep dive Callbacks: Closures: and Array iteration / functional programming

3. At this point you are more than good enough to start actually making apps. Pick an app, make a clone of it in vue/react/jquery / some dead simple framework. Google tutorials, etc. Mess with websites via the chrome inspector. Crank out a bunch of crappy, janky, hacky apps. 

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These are a few JavaScript coding challenges designed for beginners.

You need to have basic JavaScript language understanding... then you can try to solve these.


GitHub format:


PDF booklet format:


P.S. Solutions provided




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I would recommend: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, written by David Flanagan. This book will be a great choice for people wishing to start their career in IT. The book covers all the essentials Junior software developer should know. The only drawback is that the book is stuffed with information - and if you didn't hear about JS before, it will be a kind of complicated for you to read it. 

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