Some wordwrapped text renders incorrectly in firefox

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I have encountered very strange firefox way of multi-line text rendering.
Some of the text appears like it has minimal line-height, while other text sprites render normally (see attachment)
And if user reloads page - everything start working just fine, but still works wrong if user restarts firefox and then loads page.

I can't see any significant difference between right and wrong rendered texts in the way I create text sprites.

Had anyone experienced something like this? Any ideas how to fix it?

Code for the badly rendered sprite: 

this.dialogPhrase =, - 110, dialog.text, {
font: '18px Russo One',
fill: '#222222',
wordWrap: true,
wordWrapWidth: 820

Code for the well rendered sprite:

const nextMenuItem =, nextY, item.text, {
font: '16px Russo One',
fill: '#222222',
wordWrap: true,
wordWrapWidth: 280


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I see same bug in Firefox 55

Кстати, тоже с кириллицей! )

Anybody knows what is problem?  Phaser 2.10.1

I try to work around with splitting into standalone lines


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