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Where do you put in-game ads and what is your current ad impressions?

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If anyone willing to share, and if you put ads on your HTML5 game, how much is your average impressions of any of your game? and where do you put your ads on that game?


Mine is kinda low so far, around 64 until now for my latest game.


I'm really looking for anyone who has a game that gets avereage of 20K++ impressions per day.


Thank you! :)

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I've played with ad positioning over the last couple of years and settled on a single position.

My games are 320x480 and I place a 320x50 image/text ad just below the fold, as it were, on handsets that scale that to full screen. I don't scale the advert itself.

On iPads and larger devices the ad appears quite small toward the bottom of the screen but still very readable.

The adverts are only displayed on the title screen, attract screen and "Game Over" screen.

It works for me in that I use an old fashioned Title Screen -> Pre-Game -> Game -> Game Over flow  but I guess it may well depend on the style of your own game.


You will of course be penalised if you place adverts too close to other clickable / tappable regions or try and disguise them so be careful.


In terms of impressions your game is subject to the same laws of the web as any other web page. Good SEO,back-links, page rank and a sprinkling of luck with the wind blowing in your direction could see your impressions shoot through the roof!

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I only have experience with mobile games, but I think this would apply to HTML5 as well.  I think you'll find the best results when the ads are placed on screens where they're visible for the longest period of time.  Instead of just a few dialog screens, maybe your main gameplay screen.  Basically, the longer they're on screen, the more likely someone will click one.

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