Hell Club HTML5 Card game!

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Hi Everyone,

Today I want to share one of my client's new HTML5 games called Oh Hell Stackpot!

Oh Hell is a popular card game played in Sweden, 

This is the first and only gambling version of the game which is an HTML5 game and built on top of the Cubeia poker engine. Simon is one of the Cubeia game developers and his idea was to build the game in his spare time using the Cubeia poker engine as a backbone. The owners loved the idea and fully supported him with his venture and recommended that Simon approached us to help him with licensing and payments.

What I love about this project is that it perfectly outlines what we as a small company set out to achieve when we first became aware of the issues that game developers in the gambling space were experiencing. Essentially, prior to our platform, it was too expensive for game developers to write and publish casino games due to the enormous costs associated with licensing and accepting payments. Our idea was to centralise this and to share the burden with many game developers.

What I would like to highlight about this game is that it did not cost Simon a fortunate to put it together. Firstly he had the talent and the skill to create the game, he partnered with a company (Cubeia) with pre-existing engines that his game uses, and he found us to deal with the licensing and payment aspect of the game. And it is now a reality with users signing up and a growing network of fans.

This I think is a great success story that all game devs can learn from when setting out to create something new and exciting. You do not need to be a big studio to own a piece of the game market, you do not need to be a listed company to compete in the gambling market. All you need is a good idea and the right people around you to make it happen.

I would like to encourage anyone on HTML5 Game Devs to give the game a try, you can play for free without the need to create an account.

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I went to the site and hit the Try Now button. It immediately seated me at a table with four others and let me try the game. It looks really cool and I liked the hellish theme =) There was a link to sign up as soon as I left the table I was sitting at.

The site seems to have just started, and doesn't have much traffic yet. There's a €1000 prize pool freeroll on sundays though!

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I can only agree with you.

I like everything about this game from the theme to the sounds effects to the surprise and frustration when you think you will win no tricks and then you win them all! haha

At present, it does not have much traffic but enough to enjoy a few hands. Thank you for trying it out and your feedback, much appreciated and I will let Simon know you like the game.

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