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Hello everybody,

I'm currently trying to get a mesh by clicking on the canvas. So far, it works really great but I still have a problem:

On click, the mesh gets highlighted. Fine but when I drag the mouse on the canvas in order to move the cam, when I release the button of the mouse, a click event is triggered and the mesh beneath it get selected.

I tried to add an event listener on 'mouseup' to stop propagation to the click event but it seems BJS already "intercepts" this event so it is never triggered. I created a codepen to illustrate :


On the left is an empty canvas on which the mouse events are triggered.

On the right is a babylon canvas on which the mouseup event is not triggered.

Is there a simple way to avoid selecting meshes on drag ? (also tried the dragend event with no success either)

Thanks to everybody who already helped me :P

PS: I joined a screenshot of the console illustrating what I'm telling (did the exact same actions on the 2 canvas)

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 10.42.06.png

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Thank you very much JohnK (for the welcome message and the help)

Looks like this is what I was searching for :) 

Just a little note about that for every dev landing on this question : don't forget to use PEP in order to have this working on Safari as it doesn't support pointer events yet

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