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99 Balls. Guys, check out my most successful game :)

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Hey there!

Here is my game I created in 2017 in GameMaker:



The game has millions of plays since the release date, even I enjoy it :D I want to port it to mobiles and see what will happen)

Please let me know what you like and what you don't likie about it. I want to to add some features and rework the balance, so don't be shy pls, feel free to critisize :)


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I did my best and got 41 points :)
The game is really fun and well polished. I don't know if it's a part of a challenge or not, but prediction line is not always correct when it comes to rebound. And by the way how old is this game and where did you published it, that it got millions of plays?

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Good game.  I got to 35 after a couple of plays, subsequent plays did not improve the score.  Main critiques were that my "best" shots were often more accidental than skill.  Therefore although the ray-scan-hint felt useful initially, it proved an increasingly ineffective strategy only slowing down the gameplay / chance of success.  And when the end was near, loss felt unavoidable, rather than being able to use skill to escape (like in Tetris as an example).  So more interplay and emergent strategies needed - ideally in the passive moment when waiting for the balls to do their thing.  Why does the player need to wait for all the balls to return before starting the next volley?  I'll play again later to see if I missed anything.

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